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6 Tunnel Terminals 120-240mm² for MZ3Power & Electrical SuppliesSchrack - Commercial RangeMZ3ZTT03--

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6 Tunnel Terminals 120-240mm² for MZ3

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Moulded Case Circuit Breaker Accessories

General Info

  • A variety of additional features to MCCB’s can be achieved with a wide range of accessories such as: Alerts, shunt trips and under-voltage protection.  
  • Accessories with independent tripPing functions should be assembled first, such as shunt trips, and under-voltage trips.
  • Other accessories include, auxiliary contacts, alarm auxiliary contacts, Earth-leakage releases, Remote operators, various Handles, Shroud, interlocks, and terminal / Flag combinations.
  • Selected Accessories are used to customize the MCCB to complete the required function.