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Motor operator, 220-250VDC / 208-240VAC, factory installedPower & Electrical SuppliesSchrack - Industrial Range

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Motor operator, 220-250VDC / 208-240VAC, factory installed

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Air Circuit Breaker Accessories

Schrack Technik Info

  • For automatic charging of the stored energy mechanism.
  • Is switched on when the stored energy mechanism is released and the control voltage is available.
  • Automatically switches off after charging.
  • Manual actuation of the storage can function independently.
  • ACB Accessories need to be Factory Installed for Warranty
  • Datasheet / Catalogue Page

Air Circuit Breaker (ACB) and their Accessories

General Info

Air Circuit Breakers (ACB’s) are electric devices that are used to distribute electric energy and protect lines and power supply equipment from overloads, under-voltages, short circuits, etc.

ACB’s operate at atmospheric air pressure. They have a capacity of 800 – 6300 Amps and a high limit breaking capacity of 55 – 100kA.

ACB’s are customizable with a range of ACB Accessories depending on the application requirement